What colour is Amsterdam?

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This is a smart colouring book about Amsterdam for kids and their parents.
Levertijd: Binnen 2-4 dagen in huis
ISBN 978-90-9033242-0
Uitgever Travel with Pencils
Druk vanaf4e  
Verschenen 29.05.20
Taal Engels
Bladzijden 64 pp.
Bindwijze Softcover met garen gebonden
Rubriek Verhalenboek en kleurboek


Follow our brave seagull Ola who knows where to find the best fish in the city.
Discover stories about how Amsterdam was built and who lives there, what people eat and how they move around their city.
What Colour is Amsterdam? It depends on the pencils you have. After all, travelling with them is always more fun!
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